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Mindless Voodoo Nyoka Flex 1 Longboard Drop Thru Carving Cruiser
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Mindless Voodoo Nyoka Flex 1 Longboard Drop Thru Carving Cruiser

Mindless Voodoo Nyoka Flex Longboard Drop Thru Carving Cruiser

Mindless Longboard Voodoo Nyoka Flex Beschreibung:

"We’re stoked to be introducing our most technically advanced board to date!

The Nyoka is the perfect mixture of a carve orientated board with the ability to pull off some seriously rad freestyle tricks.
Countless deck constructions, wheel base lengths and outer shaping testing across the world have lead us to what you see before you.

The bamboo core sandwiched between the Canadian Maple and composite fibre plys keeps the board light, flexible and strong but above all.. a shredding monster that’s just plain fun to ride!

Armed with our critically acclaimed Talisman Trucks and 78A Maji wheels!

The full length skate style grip has been Di-cut to subtly reveal details of the full length graphic below whilst providing ample grip levels for all riding styles. From manuals all the way through to fast freeride runs, the Nyoka has you covered!

The rounded corners reduce impact damage and splintering and with extra fibre reinforcement around the neck/shoulders of the board you can be confident the Nyoka will  be super strong despite its amazing flex.
The torsional flex of the deck makes this board responsive and the deceptively deep concave keeps you firmly locked in place making the Nyoka fun to attack tight corners.

The raised nose and tail kicks on this symmetrical board allow for full freestyle capability in switch riding, making popping off curbs and throwing some tricks into your commute a joy!  The routed top and bottom rails provide an easy catch feel for all those hand grabs and finger flips.

Our awesome Mindless ambigram graphic needs to be protected so we have printed it using sublimation. This technique will keep the graphic fresher for longer, and it gives a semi-waterproof underside that’s splash resistant and easy wipe."

Mindless Longboard Voodoo Nyoka Flex Merkmale:

LENGTH:     101.6cm / 40 inches
WIDTH:     25.4cm / 10 inches
WHEELBASE:     70cm / 27.56 inches
SHAPE:     Dual kicked, symmetrical rounded shoulders, DT freestyle deck with adjustable wheel base and subtle drop platform.

Mindless Longboard Voodoo Nyoka Flex Konstruktion: 
Top Ply Composite Laminate,
Fibre Reinforcement,
2nd Ply Maple,
3rd & 4th Ply Bamboo,
5th Ply Maple,
Bottom Ply Composite Laminate

TRUCKS:     7” Talisman raw finish with 87A medium Mojo bushings
WHEELS:     70 x 51mm 78A Maji wheel Mojo PU and preground running edge
BEARINGS:     High precision skate rated quality
R.M.W:     12.5st/ 80KG /175lbs

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