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Solid Eye Kid Green Komplett LongboardSouth Central Imbus Montagesatz 1 Zoll

Solid Eye Kid Longboard für Kids
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Solid Eye Kid Longboard für Kids

Solid Eye Kid Longboard für Kids

Solid Eye Kid Longboard Beschreibung:

The Solid longboard is designed to give the longboarding
experience for the smaller rider.
We‘ve scaled down the wheelbase in proportion to a childs height, and completely
covered the top with clear grip so that there is no slipping feet when riding fast.
The 83a wheels are made with a special „slide“ formula. They‘ll grip until you need
them to slide, meaning more control when cornering at speed, and more style in
your downhill runs.
Age range: 6 to 15 years old

Solid Eye Kid Longboard Merkmale:

Drop Through
Length: 80 cm
Width: 21 cm
Wheelbase: 53 cm
Wheel Duro : 83mm / 62mm


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