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Globe Geminon Longboard Fluoro OrangeGlobe Gemnion Micrdrop Rosewood/Black Longboard complete

Globe Geminon Longboard Marble komplett
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Globe Geminon Longboard Marble komplett

Globe Geminon Longboard Marble

Globe Geminon Longboard Marble Setup:

  • sIZE: 35” x 9”
  • construction : Resin-8 hard rock maple
  • concave : Slight side-to-side
  • trucks : 180mm slant reverse kingpin
  • wheels : 69mm 83a

Globe Geminon Longboard Marble Details:

The Geminon series incorporates the beauty of symmetry into a serious vehicule of reckoning. The roadsters ride low to the ground for greater stability, and have a symmetrical shape (No front, or Back) ideal for free-riding. They all come with a fully color dipped and striped deck, and are versatile enough to cruise down hills or along the boardwalk

Top-mounted drop-through trucks and a fully dipped, striped deck with clear broadcast grip

Globe Geminon Longboard Marble, jetzt bei uns im Shop!

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