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Restless Deck Fishbowl 39" Downhill Freeride Longboard-DeckRestless Furabu 37" Downhill Freeride Longboard

Restless Deck Fishbowl 41" Downhill Freeride Longboard-Deck
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Restless Deck Fishbowl 41" Downhill Freeride Longboard-Deck

Restless Deck Fishbowl 41" Downhill Freeride Longboard-Deck 104cm

Restless Deck Fishbowl 41" Beschreibung:

Bowl Konkav und Kicktails sind nur 2 Pluspunkte für dieses Brett! Moderner Freerider!
The Restless FishBowl is our all-around longboard. It was designed by our rider Jeremy LeChatelier. It has all the features you need! First, you have a deep bowl concave akin to our popular BigBoy with a micro-drop that locks you in perfectly for high-speed slides or downhill. There's also some huge kicks on the twin-tip shape for freestyle. We made it with 8 plys of Hard Canadian Maple so that it's not too heavy, but stays stiff. We added some gas pedals and deep wheel-wells. We decided to name it the FishBowl because of the fishtails and the bowl concave. We shot the concept to Zema and she came up with one of the sickest design we have ever seen!

Restless Deck Fishbowl 41" Merkmale:

Breite: 10"
Länge: 41"
Achsabstand: 29.5"

8 Ply Maple
Bowl Concave
Twin-tip kicktail

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