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Bustin Longboard Deck Complex 42" 107cmBustin Longboard Deck Maestro 38" 96,5cm 7ply

Bustin Longboard Deck Ibach 40" 102cm 10ply
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Bustin Longboard Deck Ibach 40" 102cm 10ply

Bustin Longboard Deck Ibach 40" 102cm 10ply

Bustin Deck Ibach 40" Beschreibung:

The future is now! We've heard your cries for a board that is built for speed, and this is our answer. A collaborative effort with Mike Bozinovski of Boz Boards in Toronto, the mold is built to lock in your feet so you feel safe and secure when even the tiniest mistakes are unforgivable. To top it off we've added a little Bustin innovation in the form of our new Slide Rail System, designed to keep the board under your feet through high speed, big slides. Every inch of this board has been tweaked by the scientists here at Bustin Brooklyn and we're as proud as ever to release this new deck to the world.

The idea behind the Ibach came straight from our loyal customers. Countless requests for a board that could hit the slopes and really excel have been made, and it was just a matter of time before we received enough feedback to know we had it right. The popularity of freestyle and freeriding affected the approach in making a 100% symmetrical board, so riders may switch it up 'til their heart's content.

The board features a one inch dropped platform, lowering the center of gravity and increasing stability at speed. It's also a breeze to push. With both 9 and 10-ply versions available, leverage over the trucks has been enhanced significantly over our 7 and 8-ply boards. The nose and tail are ever so slightly kicked. This not only makes the board more trickable, but it also makes the board more durable, as curb collisions will be slightly deflected from head-on impact. With over a half inch of concave at the foot platforms, your feet are locked in to the max. As if that's not enough, Bustin introduces the SLIDE RAIL SYSTEM to the Ibach, a 3/8" ridge around the foot platform to increase grip along the edge of the board. This board is the first of the new revolution of skateboards from Bustin Boards designed for more than just city pushing. It will eat up pavement and leave you starving for more!

The Ibach is designed to work with just about any setup of 180mm or wider trucks and any wheel up to 76mm. It works beautifully with Caliber trucks, Bears, or 42-degree Randals. Calibers will elicit a more downhill worthy experience while Bears will be great for carving. 42-degree Randals are much more tippy and will be excellent for high-speed freeriding.

Any wheel up to 76mm will work for this board with any of these truck combinations. Choose wisely. Our favorite wheels on the Ibach are the 70mm yellow Stimulus from Orangatang for some epic slides, 75mm Abec11 Big-Zigs for downhill, or the 70mm and 75mm Bustin Boca for the all-around experience.

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