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Gunmetal Magnum 184mm silverHammond Longboard Abbey Road Komplettboard

Gunmetal Magnum V2 Longboard Truck 184mm (50°)
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Gunmetal Magnum V2 Longboard Truck 184mm (50°)

Gunmetal Magnum V2 Longboard Truck 184mm (50°)

Skaters understand how big a difference an inch can make, which is why we added one to the length of the 10.0" Magnum Longboard Truck hanger. The 10-inch is wider than its smaller counterpart, and provides ample stability while still maintaining plenty of carve power for turns. The 10-inch also comes with 90a RED Venom Bushings, reversible hanger and an engraved Gunmetal logo on the back of the hanger.

Gunmetal Magnum V2 184mm Trucks GUNMETAL GREY Merkmale:

  • • GUNMETAL Grey paint with SILVER logo
  • • 10.0" (184MM) wide axle to axle
  • • Built with Venom 90a RED Barrel Bushings
  • • 50 Degree, 6-Hole Baseplate Pattern
  • • 2.67" Removable Grade 8 Logo Kingpin, SILVER
  • • Logo Flat Washer/Cup Washer SILVER
  • • 8mm cast-in, heat treated axles
  • • "10.0" engraving and "2.0" embossing on hanger
  • • Hangers come factory faced

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