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Volante Rollen Morgan 70mm 80a Weiss
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Volante Rollen Morgan 70mm 80a Weiss

Volante Rollen Morgan 70mm 80a Weiss

Volante Morgan Rollen Beschreibung:

Liam Morgan routinely sets the bar for progression, so it was only natural to let him design a wheel. The Morgan is Liam's first pro model wheel that utilizes all aspects of his riding style. The idea was to create the perfect wheel for riders looking to push their limits, with absolute confidence that their gear will stand up to the test. Each Morgan wheel comes 'stone ground' meaning the wheels are pre broken-in and ready to slide, right out of the package. If you're the rider looking to push your slides to the next level, look no further, the Morgan is here!

Volante Morgan Rollen Masse:

Diameter: 70mm
Durometer: 80a
Contact Patch: 46mm
Core Setting: 1mm Offset

!!!4 Stück Set!!!

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