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Osprey ‘Text’ Twin Tip Longboard
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Osprey ‘Text’ Twin Tip Longboard

Osprey ‘Text’ Twin Tip Longboard

Osprey ‘Text’ Twin Tip Longboard Beschreibung:

The ‘Text’ Twin Tip Longboard is designed for those laid-back guys and girls who love the long, smooth and not to mention fast rides that only a longboard can deliver.

The extra sturdy cut out deck is capable of standing up to adrenaline charged, downhill rides as mammoth as the robust Canadian maple that makes up its construction! The durable yet lightweight 8 inch aluminium trucks complete with risers, offer incredible stability and the PU bushings offer awesome shock absorption keeping the ride smooth even on more rugged concrete terrain.

With large PU 70mm x 51mm wheels and ABEC 9 chrome bearings the ‘Text’ can get up to speed pretty quickly and its twin tip cut out design means that wheel bite is less of an issue, allowing for silky smooth cornering even at a fast cruising speed.

Aesthetically the ‘Text’ features a simplistic blue stencilled deck design, as a single decorative statement. This is a board that has no time for gimmicks and flashiness, pure unbridled performance is its forte, suiting the kind of rider who likes to let their skating do the talking for them.

Osprey ‘Text’ Twin Tip Longboard Technical Specifications:

  •     38 inch x 10.3 inch 7 ply Canadian maple twin tip cut out deck
  •     PU bushings
  •     8 inch aluminium trucks & base
  •     ABEC 9 chrome bearings
  •     70mm x 51mm PU cast wheels

Osprey ‘Text’ Twin Tip Longboard, jetzt bei uns im Shop!

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