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Osprey Street Carve Board 29 inch HaydesOsprey Stripe Twin Tip Downhill Longboard

Osprey Stripe Pintail Longboard 41"
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Osprey Stripe Pintail Longboard 41"

Osprey Stripe Pintail Longboard 41" Komplettboard


Osprey Stripe Pintail Longboard 41" Description:


The Stripe Pintail Longboard by Osprey is a board that’s long enough for free-styling and cross-stepping but short enough to tuck under your desk in class.
Its wide deck makes foot placement and stance easy for beginners, whilst the concave deck brings you closer to the ground for extra stability and makes it easy to push when going the distance. The Stripe Pintail Longboard’s ABEC 9 Chrome Bearings and PU cast wheels guarantee a super smooth ride under foot, whilst being extra responsive and manoeuvrable as you practise your carving.

You’ll be turning heads as you make smooth sweeping turns with the surf-vibe Stripe Pintail.

Osprey Stripe Pintail Longboard 41" Details:


  •     The Complete Pintail Longboard
  •     Concave Deck Offers Stability at High Speed
  •     Shape Eliminates Wheel Bite
  •     Deep Carving Capabilities
  •     Black Grip Tape


Osprey Stripe Pintail Longboard 41" Technical Specs:


  •     40” x 9.6” Single Kick Deck
  •     69mm x 55mm 78A PU Cast Blue Wheels
  •     ABEC 9 Chrome Bearings
  •     7 PLY Canadian Maple
  •     7” JJ7 Trucks

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