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Osprey Spectrum 40" Longboard 2015
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Osprey Spectrum 40" Longboard 2015

Osprey Spectrum 40" Longboard 2015 Komplettboard


Osprey Spectrum 40" Longboard 2015 Description:


The Osprey Spectrum Pintail Longboard’s considered shape makes this a great board for beginners and advanced alike. Its shape means it sweeps toward one 'pin point' at the tail, a classical longboard form that has been around since the start of the game.
The sheer length of the Spectrum Pintail Longboard helps you feel locked in and stable, making this a great first board for beginners. All pintails are designed with immunity to wheel bite, therefore it has deep carving capabilities on top of being ultra-responsive, making this a great board for those that really want to hone in on their carving technique.

What really sets this board apart from the rest though is its unique and distinctive design which is extremely pleasing to the eye and something a little different to a lot of the other longboards out there. If you want to learn the ropes of longboarding and look rad at the same time, this is the board for you.


Osprey Spectrum 40" Longboard 2015 Details:


  •   The Complete Pintail Longboard
  •     Immune to Wheel Bite
  •     Great For Beginners
  •     Black Grip Tape
  •     Deep Carving Capabilities

Osprey Spectrum 40" Longboard 2015 Technical Spec:


  •     40” x 9.6” Single Kick Deck
  •     75mm x 55mm 80A PU Cast Green Wheels
  •     ABEC 9 Chrome Bearings
  •     7 PLY Canadian Maple
  •     7” JJ7 Trucks

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