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Mindless Savage II Longboard Drop Thru Downhill CruiserMindless Savage III Longboard Drop Thru Downhill Cruiser Red

Mindless Savage III Longboard Drop Thru Downhill Cruiser Blue
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Mindless Savage III Longboard Drop Thru Downhill Cruiser Blue

Mindless SAVAGE III Longboard Blue

Mindless SAVAGE III Longboard programm:

LDP / DH: Longboard Drop Thru Downhill Cruiser


Mindless SAVAGE III Longboard 2015:

The ever popular Savage has been updated for 2015 with micro-drop platform for a lower centre of gravity and W-concave keeping feet locked in place. The new graphic is now available in two colour options for this season.

Mindless SAVAGE III Longboard description:

The Mindless SAVAGE III Longboard is a high spec downhill board that has been designed to truly perform. The deck has drop through cut outs giving a much lower centre of gravity letting you have maximum control, stability and the ability to respond faster.

Mindless SAVAGE III Longboard technical details:

The superb deck is constructed with 8 layers. At the core of the Mindless SAVAGE III Longboard deck is 6 layers of 100% grade A hardrock Canadian maple whilst the top and bottom layers are bamboo. Similar to the Maverick, the bottom ply is constructed with both smoked and un-smoked bamboo but they have been constructed alternatively giving this stylish zebra stripe finish. The deep concave also has a slight convex to it near the nose so there is no unwanted flex when bombing those hills and the edged top rails utilize the maximum area available to dig in your feet.

The seven inch trucks have a reversible hanger so that you can change the caster angle around to give you quicker or slower turning depending on your riding style. Couple this with the 14mm cushions and you have a fully customisable ride.

The Mindless Shifta wheels fitted as standard work perfectly with the deck and trucks to give you a smooth ride over all surfaces while giving you enough to grip to carve with confidence.

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Mindless SAVAGE III Longboard construction:

- Vertically laminated zebra
- bamboo core sandwiched
- between four layers of Maple.
- 7” RK trucks with 78a bushings
- 76mm 83a Shifta wheels
- ABEC 9 Chrome bearings

Mindless SAVAGE III Longboard facts:

LENGTH:101cm / 39.75 inches
WIDTH: 25.4cm / 10 inches
WHEELBASE: 83.75cm / 33 inches
SHAPE: Drop through race deck with deep concave plus cutouts and edged top rails
CONSTRUCTION: Top ply light bamboo. 7-ply Canadian maple core. Bottom ply zebra stripe smoked bamboo
TRUCKS: 7 inch reverse kingpin with reversible hanger. 78A cushions
WHEELS: Mindless Shifta 76mm 78A
R.M.W: 20st / 130kg / 280 lbs

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