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Holey Truck 180mm blackHQ Beamer V Longboardkite Lenkmatte RtF 4.0

Holey Truck 180mm silver
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Holey Truck 180mm silver

Holey Truck 180mm silver


- Baseplate: Aluminium gravity cast fitted with Holey Moley Cro/Moly acle with a deep cup in the hanger designed to get the best from the bushings. Urethane is slippy stuff and wants to escape, the deep cup in both sides of the hanger holds the bushings so that you get the best rebound instead of it popping out.
- Bushings: Custom super high rebound clear ruby red bushings made in the USA. Large hourglass shape bottom bushing gives a nice spring from turn to turn. Top conical bushing custom made to fit into the cup washer so no bushing bulge outs! Gnarly black graphite-loaded pivot for a squeak-free ride.
- Aluminium parts are gravity case for the best strength. with this method you get a solid casting with no air bubbles.

We hope you enjoy the ride. Holey Truck they turn!

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