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Cross Kites Boarder Longboard Kite Lenkmatte RtF 2.5DB The Cosmonaut Longboard Deck 41"

DB Single Speed Longboard Deck 40"
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DB Single Speed Longboard Deck 40"

DB Single Speed Longboard Deck 40"

DB Single Speed Longboard Deck 40" Beschreibung:

The Single Speed is all function.  We stripped down your typical flatland longboard and kept only the essentials inorder to deliver a flexy, fun flatland deck.  This board features extremely subtle concave and is rockered from tip to tail.  Subtle drops following each truck mount give you a nice reference point and spot to pin off for slides and slide shuvs.  This deck is bi-directional and has two identical tails perfect for flatland shuvs and flips.  If you're looking for a utilitarian trick board that can carve, cruise, slide, then look no further! (Grip not included)

DB Longboards Single Speed Deck 40" Merkmale:

  • Width:  9.5”
  • Wheelbase:  28.5”
  • Weight: 4lbs 2oz
  • Concave: Continuous
  • Concave Depth:  1/4"
  • Truck interface:    Top-mount
  • MADE IN USA (WA State)

DB Longboards Single Speed Deck 40" Konstruktion:

  • Ply Count:  9 ply maple
  • Ply Thickness:  1/16"
  • Top Ply:  Maple
  • Core Plies:  Maple
  • Bottom Ply:  Woven Bamboo
  • Maple-bamboo hybrid construction

Für:  Flatland, Freeriding, Cruising

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