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St Pauli Cruiser Komplett Longboard
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St Pauli Cruiser Komplett Longboard

St Pauli Cruiser Komplett Longboard

Size 8.25" x 31.125"
Maple with epoxy resin glue
150mm inverted trucks
60mm wheels sone cold urethane 80a
ABEC 7 bearings

The St. Pauli kpl Cruiser is our small and versatile runabout for your adventure in the city jungle. It allows you to commute fast and in the same time it's handy and tight. If you quickly might need to change your mode of transportation, kick it up and squeeze it under your arm. Jump on the bus or the train, jump out and the ride goes on. Ollie up a boardwalk, go slalom around the pedestrians and push it to you destination. Thanks to its 7-ply maple construction the board has a nice pop that allows for tricks. The wheelbase is short enough to charge tight corners even at higher speeds while the softer wheels ofer you good grip. In short – the Mini-Cruiser with a big fun factor for every situation and rockin the St. Pauli Logo!

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