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Slipstream Longboard Deck Platypus 97cmSlipstream Longboard Platypus 97cm Komplettboard

Slipstream Longboard Deck Raccoon 107,5cm
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Slipstream Longboard Deck Raccoon 107,5cm

Slipstream Longboard Deck Raccoon 107,5cm

Slipstream Raccoon Deck Beschreibung:

With kicks and a generous platform this board is easily thrown around and walked across. Tub concave and rocker gives you a really locked in feeling for tucking and stand ups. The rocker also makes the board low and stable while providing a slight wedge to make it nimble and responsive.

All in all the racoon is a chameleon of sorts, a one board quiver providing you with the ability to do whatever you want whenever you want, the feeling longboarding is all about!

Slipstream Raccoon Longboard Deck Merkmale:

Masse: 107,5 cm × 24,8 cm / 42.3” × 9.8”
Gewicht: 2,6 kg
Truckbase: adjustable: 71,2 cm – 73,8 cm / 28” – 29.1”
Shape: Top mount, rocker, tub concave, bidirectional, double kicks
Konstruktion: 8-ply hardmaple + 2 ply glass fibre (sandwich)
Designed for: Carving, Cruising, Freestyle, Dancer, Freeride

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