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Rune Mjölnir Komplett LongboardRune Naegling No2 Komplett Longboard

Rune Naegling Komplett longboard
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Rune Naegling Komplett longboard

Rune Naegling Komplett longboard

The Naegeling #1 is our #1 Drop-Through Cruiser. With its deep cutouts and the rounded shape it always looks classy and you ride it through the city with lots of fun. The Drop-Through mounting let it holds it super low on the street and spontaneous footbrakes are easy to do. The deck is built in camber construction and is available in three different flex versions for every weight. This allows for swinging pumping and gives a surfy feeling while riding. In the same time it is long and wide enough to try out your first dancing steps like the Cross-Step. In the same time you can easily slide it because its set up with stone grounded 80 A wheels. The deck consists of maple with bamboo layers on top and bottom. So go for your new favorite Cruiser!

8.5" X 41" | Camber | Drop Through | Flex 1-3
8 ply 100% Hardrock maple with Top & Bottom Bamboo
Wheels 70mm 80 A stone ground wheels
Trucks 180mm inverted BOLZEN Truck

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