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Osprey Phoenix Twin Tip Longboard komplett
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Osprey Phoenix Twin Tip Longboard komplett

Osprey Phoenix Twin Tip Longboard komplett

Osprey Phoenix Twin Tip Longboard Beschreibung:

By all accounts a phoenix is a giant bird from Greek mythology that rose majestically from the flames. With its hot design and smoking performance credentials the Osprey 'Phoenix' Twin Tip Longboard is very aptly named indeed.
The cruiser longboard's deck has been made using a combination of 6ply Canadian maple and 1ply smoked bamboo. The inclusion of bamboo makes the longboard skateboard extremely tough and enables it to withstand phenomenal pressure. The deck features a thick brown stripe running through the middle with a lightly curved stripe on either side like a classic retro longboard. Clear grip tape has been used to cover the deck, allowing the gorgeous wood finish and stunning stripe design to shine through. We're talking a deck that doesn't just look great but offers stability needed for maximum control and a steaming hot performance.
The base of the deck is also decorated with the striped design in a striking reddish hue. Printed over the centre of the striped design is an Osprey logo accompanied by the image of a flying skateboard wheel with wings. Control of the longboard skateboard is enhanced by its twin tip design and drop through trucks which help to eradicate wheel bite. Greater manoeuvrability is provided by PU cushions sandwiched between the maple and bamboo longboard deck and durable base and trucks. Another awesome feature is the ABEC-9 chrome bearings used in the wheel design which reduces friction for a quicker and smoother ride.
Not only is the Osprey Phoenix a great longboard for cruising around town but its twin tip design enables it to carve around corners with phenomenal stability and speed. An absolutely blinding cruising and carving longboard that looks hotter than a skinny dip on the surface of the sun.

 Osprey Phoenix Twin Tip Longboard technical information:

  •     6ply Canadian maple and 1ply smoked bamboo
  •     Clear grip tape
  •     7in drop through aluminium trucks and base
  •     70mm x 50mm PU cast wheels
  •     PU cast wheels
  •     PU cushions
  •     ABEC-9 chrome bearings with oil filled rubber seals
  •     Funky print on base and wheels
  •     A great board for cruising!

Osprey Phoenix Twin Tip Longboard, hier bei uns im Shop!

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