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Osprey Flame Skull Twin Tip Longboard
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Osprey Flame Skull Twin Tip Longboard

Osprey Flame Skull Twin Tip Longboard Beschreibung:

With its awesome skull decorations and drop through truck design the Osprey Flame Skull Twin Tip Longboard is a slick little cruiser, which can carve corners with amazing grace and speed.
Made out of 7ply Canadian maple the deck of the drop through longboard is extremely durable and able to withstand a hefty amount of pressure. The base of the deck has been decorated with a seriously funky flaming skull design. These flaming skulls run in a circular design around an Osprey and are coloured in cool shades of green with striking splashes of white and black. The grip tape on the top of the deck, which keeps feet grounded for greater control of the cruising longboard, is embossed with circular lines that highlight the maple finish.
The base and trucks are attached to the deck with PU cushions sandwiched between. These cushions improve manoeuvrability and allow the drop down longboard to respond better on the turn. 12mm risers have also been incorporated into the truck design to absorb pressure and prevent wheel bite. High-quality PU cast wheels have been fitted with ABEC-5 carbon bearings, which reduce friction for a slicker, quicker and much improved cruising longboard experience.
By combining funky graphics with the latest technology the Osprey Flame Skull Twin Tip Longboard is able to cruise at speed and carve with style. This baby really does offer the complete longboard package.

Osprey Flame Skull Twin Tip Longboard technical information:

  •     7ply Canadian maple
  •     Concave longboard design
  •     7in drop through aluminium trucks and base
  •     75mm x 65mm PU cast wheels
  •     PU cast cushions
  •     ABEC-5 chrome bearings
  •     Funky print on base and wheels
  •     A great board for cruising!

Osprey Flame Skull Twin Tip Longboard, jetzt bei uns im Shop!

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