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Osprey Drive in Longboard 38" AquaOsprey Drive In Red Cruiser Longboard

Osprey Drive in Longboard 38" Red
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Osprey Drive in Longboard 38" Red

Osprey Drive in Longboard 38 Komplettboard Red

Osprey Drive in Longboard 38 Description:


The Osprey Drive In Red Longboard has a smart, classic design with a full nose and functional tail, this board is an all-rounder and will give you an effortlessly smooth ride if you’re cruising to college or going the distance.

This is a board for those of you have got a good few hours under your belt and a few tricks up your sleeves, a great board for moving up to that next level of longboarding and trying out something new. Its single kick means it’s perfect for trying out some tight manoeuvres and flat-ground tricks, whilst its wide deck space gives room for boardwalking and cross-stepping.

Also available in Aqua.

Osprey Drive in Longboard 38 Details:


  •     The Complete Retro Longboard!
  •     Concave Deck Offers Additional Stability
  •     Cold Pressed For Superior Strength
  •     A Great All-Rounder
  •     Black Grip Tape

Osprey Drive in Longboard 38 Technical Spec:


  •     38” x 9.87” Single Kick Deck
  •     70mm x 51mm 78A PU Cast White Wheels
  •     RS ABEC 7 High Speed Bearings
  •     7 PLY Cold Pressed Canadian Maple
  •     7 Inch Aluminium BS Truck

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