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Osprey ‘Bolt’ Twin Tip Fade Longboard
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Osprey ‘Bolt’ Twin Tip Fade Longboard

Osprey ‘Bolt’ Twin Tip Fade Longboard

Osprey ‘Bolt’ Twin Tip Fade Longboard Beschreibung:

The ‘Bolt’ Tin Tip Fade Longboard offers a simple yet decorative statement emblazoned on the underside of the deck. The Heat transfer design helps sum up what this deck is all about…Performance with style!

Complete with a chunky 40 inch x 9.6 inch cut out Canadian maple deck the ‘Bolt’ may resemble a tanker on wheels but by no means does it turn like one! It’s hard 7 inch trucks provide smooth pivoting for responsive turning speed and super slick carving. With ABEC-9 bearings, fitted with rubber seals the ‘Bolt’ runs incredibly smoothly for a much less choppy ride.

The twin-tip cut out design virtually eliminates wheel bite, allowing corners to be taken with precision at high speed.

Osprey ‘Bolt’ Twin Tip Fade Longboard Technical Specifications:

  • 7 ply 40 inch x 9.6 inch Canadian maple deck
  • PU bushings
  • 7 inch aluminium trucks & base
  • ABEC 9 chrome bearings with rubber seals
  • 70mm x 51mm PU cast wheels

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