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Orangatang Balut Wheels 72,5mm Rollen
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Orangatang Balut Wheels 72,5mm Rollen

Orangatang Balut Wheels 72,5mm Rollen

Orangatang Balut Beschreibung:

"As we collectively began to dabble in new directions in sliding, we found ourselves in want of a new and unique wheel. Our existing lineup of freeride wheels (the Durian, Stimulus, and Fat Free) maintained a conservative balance of traction and driftability that is intended for downhill freeriding. The current emphasis is on the ability to grip and hold a line through corners at speed. The slide aspect of these wheels is focused on shaving off speed (in a pragmatic fashion) as well as to begin exploring progressive freeriding.

The Balut is the result of our desire to investigate the other end of the grip-slip spectrum: a freestyle slide wheel that allows for longer drifts and quicker, more numerous rotations with minimal speed loss. This is a first step in a new direction for us, and we’re excited to see where it takes us." by Kyle Chin

Orangatang Balut Design:

"The Baluts are centerset and symmetrical, allowing for maximum flexibility when rotating and flipping to promote even wear on all four wheels. By using a larger spoked core and removing significant amounts of urethane between the bearing seat and outer edge of the core, we were able to reduce the overall wheel weight for increased agility in slides and freestyle tricks alike.

The core used in the Balut is relatively wide in comparison to the wheel. Combined with a stiff and rounded lip profile, the core provides plenty of rigid support for the contact patch and facilitates smooth slides with a predictable release and hookup." by Kyle Chin

Wird geliefert im Set aus 4 Rollen.

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