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Lush Legend Longboard Dancer Deck 119cm
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Lush Legend Longboard Dancer Deck 119cm

Lush Legend Longboard Dancer Deck 119cm

Lush Legend Longboard Deck Beschreibung:

The "Legend" was the name of the first ever Lush board, shaped all those years ago in a Yorkshire cellar... things have rolled on a bit since then! This Legend was conceived when we first designed our Rocker Mould, and we joked about how good it would be to make a giant "regular" twinkick skateboard out of a full length blank - we ended up trying it, and it worked out pretty good! Some people might call it a "Dancer," but we prefer the term "massive skateboard" ourselves...

Lush Legend Longboard Deck Merkmale:

Length 46.75"
Width 9.625" / 24.5cm
Wheelbase 29.5" / 76cm
Nose 6.5" / 16.5cm
Tail 6.5" / 16.5cm
Construction 8ply 100% Canadian Maple
Profile Rockered 0.75"/1.9cm
Concave 0.75"/1.9cm
Max Weight 16st/100kg/225lbs
Flex Medium

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