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Earthwing Carbon Superglider 38" GreenEarthwing Chargers 70mm 78a Set Rollen

Earthwing Carbon Superglider 38" Red
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Earthwing Carbon Superglider 38" Red

Earthwing Carbon Superglider 38"

Das sagen die Jungs von Earthwing über ihren Carbon Superglider:

Superglider. Efficient. Versatile. Legendary. Freedom. This is Earthwing’s first production deck. With each limited run, tweaks, improvements, and new construction ideas have helped shape this amazing deck into what you see today. Built with pre-cured unidirectional carbon with a thin maple core, this razor thin sprinter / bomber can handle anything… ANYTHING. It’s efficiency, and versatility make it a favorite for pros, and also an excellent deck for those taking their first plunge into the world of speed and danger. I could write forever, and never be able to explain the real feeling you get riding this thing.  For completes, add trucks and wheels, it will come stock with abec 9 speedballs built complete and ready to ride.


Deck Tech Specs:


38” x 9.5”

Materials: carbon fiber / maple core

Wheel Base:25 3/8"", 26 3/8"

Tail: 5.5"

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