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Beercan Kegger Lite Longboard Deck black 40"Bigfoot Pathfinders Longboard Wheels Clear 70mm 80a

Beercan Kegger Lite Longboard Deck blue 40"
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Beercan Kegger Lite Longboard Deck blue 40"

Beercan Kegger Lite Longboard Deck blue 40"

Beercan Kegger Lite Longboard-Deck Beschreibung:

Beercan Boards werden aus 100% recyceltem Aluminium hergestellt.

"The Kegger Lite is our ultimate, stiff-to-the-max freestyle board.  The kicktails provide traditional "popsicle-stick" maneuverability.  And since it's a Beercan Board, it's eco-friendly, and the aluminum is almost impossible to destroy!  If you're looking for something with more flex to it and kicktails, try a full-size Kegger.

The standard model features our TruckTrax system; you can slide your trucks to your preferred position and then lock them into place.  Included at no extra cost are the 4 TruckTrax sliders, 8 locking bolts, and 8 nylock nuts.

As with all Beercan Boards, the Kegger Lite comes with the following features standard:

  •     KnuckleDusters - finger holes in each side of the deck allow you a unique way to haul your board around. These can also be used to loop a bike lock through and secure your board while you grab a bite to eat.
  •     BottleCaps - protection for the board... and you.
  •     Grip Tape - Beercan Board grip tape comes standard with all of our boards. You can opt out when you order, though.

All Beercan Boards are made of 100% recycled aluminum, and all plastic pieces are made from 100% recycled milk jugs."



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